Professional and affordable tree surgery in Bromley

Country Tree Care is a team of professional tree surgeons working in Bromley or Petts Wood. Our tree surgeons are skilled and trained to NPTC standards. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we offer all types of tree care.

We fell trees, remove roots and stumps, carry our tree pruning and shrub work, and can help with emergency tree work. As a small and local tree surgery business, we provide excellent prices and workmanship. From sectional felling to stump grinding, there is no job too big or small for our team.

Our recommended arborists work with domestic and commercial customers, and our tree services are available seven days a week. We are proud of our work and passionate about offering excellent customer care.

Bromley is the largest borough in Greater London and borders Kent. This suburban town attracts families looking for more space, and a large regeneration project is underway. If your Bromley trees need attention, our tree surgeons are here to help.

To find out more about our tree care services Lewisham or to request a quote, please call us on 0800 0075 276 or 07965 863 070.

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    Arborists for tree felling and tree maintenance

    Tree felling Bromley

    Tree felling is a potentially dangerous task, so it should only be completed by professional tree surgeons in Petts Wood or Bromley.

    We undertake both straight felling, where the tree is cut down in a single movement and sectional felling. Sectional felling is where we can dismantle your tree and take it down in sections using advanced rigging techniques.

    Bromley tree pruning and tree thinning

    Tree pruning Bromley

    When it comes to pruning trees in Bromley, our tree surgeons will consider each tree in relation to its shape, size, condition, and site. Our local tree surgeons want trees to be in a well-balanced, safe, and healthy condition.

    We complete all types of tree pruning, including:

    • Crown reduction to reduce the overall height and spread of the crown
    • Crown listing to remove the lower branches and raise the height of the crown
    • Dead wooding to remove diseased, dead, or damaged limbs
    • Crown thinning to thin the crown to allow more light and air to pass through it
    • Formative pruning to control the growth of young trees

    Do you require Bromley tree stump grinding?

    Tree stump grinding Bromley

    Stump grinding in Bromley involves the complete removal of the tree stump and any roots belonging to the tree. We use state-of-the-art tree stump grinders and can re-fill the hole with the chips to leave minimal mess.

    Our stump grinders can remove tree stumps of all shapes and sizes, including those in inaccessible areas. This will never damage the surrounding areas and means the site can be reused for planting or in another way.

    Responsive 24/7 emergency tree surgery in Bromley

    Emergency tree surgeons near Bromley

    Our top-quality tree surgeons in Bromley are available 24 hours a day. If trees pose a risk, they may need to be removed. If a tree has fallen, has broken branches, or has uprooted, our tree surgeons are just a phone call away.

    Never attempt to remove a storm-damaged tree yourself. Our emergency tree service means our tree surgeons can quickly and safely deal with damaged trees. We can remove all waste and ensure the site is clear.

    Hedge trimming and shrub trimming in Bromley

    If you need hedge cutting or hedge trimming in Bromley, our team is here to help. Ensuring your landscape is well-maintained involves looking after your hedges and keeping them in a good shape.

    Our tree surgeons have invested in the best hedge cutting equipment so that we can trim hedges safely and efficiently. We can trim them to the best height according to the site, species and general aesthetics. All work is completed efficiently and complies with British Standard BS3998.

    Bromley tree planting services

    There is no better time to plant trees, and if you require guidance about the right trees to grow in Bromley, please contact our tree surgeons. Our arborists are well versed in all types of trees, and we can guide you on the right species for the soil, season, and your preferences.

    We can also supply all trees, prepare the site, and complete planting. We value the health and safety of all trees.

    Commercial tree surgery in Bromley

    At Country Tree Services, we complete tree surgery for domestic and commercial customers in Bromley.

    Whether you require tree felling, pruning, or large-scale site clearance, our commercial tree surgeons offer competitive prices and guarantees.

    For pictures of our recent tree work, please see our gallery.

    To request tree maintenance or tree cutting in Bromley, call our local arborists now

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    Our happy customers in Bromley

    We had a problem with a neighbouring tree that was a potential danger that needed urgent attention. Country Tree Care came and sorted the problem straight away
    Mr Mann, Belvedere

    We needed to get rid of an old diseased tree as part of major house renovation works.  So impressed with the service from Joe and his team

    H Denby, Bromley