Tree felling

Here at Country Tree Care, we always try and preserve trees but there are always occasions when trees will need to be removed. If trees are dead, dangerous, or diseased, we can remove them safely. Trees can sometimes grow too large for their location or suffer from structural failure and pose a risk to nearby people or property.

Whether you are concerned about diseased trees or you have a tree that is causing issues for another reason, we are a tree care company that can help. As highly-skilled and experienced arborists, we can remove trees from all locations safely, using the most effective felling methods.

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    Tree felling: The process

    Our tree surgeons complete tree felling using either straight or sectional tree felling techniques. Each tree is unique so our arborists will work out the most effective removal methods.

    To find out more about tree removals, please call now on 0800 0075 276 or 07965 863 070.

    Straight felling: This is when a tree is felled in one single motion and requires great precision and care. The direction of the fall can be controlled. A thorough risk assessment is always completed to ensure there is no risk to the surrounding landscape, people, property, or telephone lines.

    Sectional felling: In built-up and busy areas, sectional felling is more common. This is where rigging and lowering techniques are used and trees are cut in sections and branches are lowered to the ground in a controlled manner, so there is less risk of causing damage. Every job is meticulously planned in a methodical manner.

    To find out more about tree felling, please call our tree surgeons now on 0800 0075 276 or 07965 863 070.

    Tree felling: The benefits

    Why do trees need to be removed?


    Crown reduction tree surgeon in Kent

    Removing a tree is sometimes necessary for safety reasons and if a tree is diseased or dangerous, felling it will stop it from falling naturally and potentially causing damage.

    Disease Fears

    Crown lifting tree surgery care in Kent

    If a tree is diseased, it is important to remove it to prevent the disease from spreading to the nearby trees or surrounding landscape.

    Damaging Roots

    Crown thinning tree surgeon in Kent

    Aside from safety, some trees may be unsuitable for the environment they are in. Roots can impact a building’s structure, drainage and foundations, so often the most appropriate solution is to remove the tree.

    Professional tree felling

    Our arborists are highly skilled at tree felling in both domestic and commercial environments. We provide an initial site visit, so we can assess your requirements and will provide a quote.

    Our tree surgeons can also check for any TPOs and will complete the relevant risk assessments. We adhere to strict health and safety policies at all times and use the best and most up-to-date equipment to ensure the safety of every job. We are also fully insured for your complete peace of mind.

    After your tree has been felled, we will remove all waste and debris and will leave your site clear. We can also provide comprehensive tree stump removals, using specialist stump grinding machinery.

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    To discuss your trees or your tree felling requirements, please call now on 0800 0075 276 or 07965 863 070.

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    Excellent job by Joe and Bill. Safely and efficiently removed. All cleared up. No hesitation in recommending this company and would use them again. Thanks guys

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    Great service, really pleased and fair prices. Really nice and pleasant guys, nothing a problem.

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