Tree planting

Here at Country Tree Care, we are strong supporters of tree planting. Trees are essential to our environments; they produce the oxygen that we breathe, support biodiversity, and improve soil and landscapes. They are also beautiful and can add aesthetic interest to all environments.

Whether you wish to replace a tree after it has been removed or add a new tree or hedge to your garden, our team would be delighted to help. We have extensive knowledge regarding all types of tree species and how and where they grow best, so can advise you on the best tree planting solutions for your requirements.

We also want your trees to flourish as they grow, so can support you in this with our tree maintenance and pruning services.

For more information, please call our tree surgeons now on 0800 0075 276 or 07965 863 070.

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    Tree planting: The benefits

    Pruning trees is very important if you want to look after them.

    Planting trees will combat climate change because they absorb carbon dioxide and through the process of photosynthesis, they release oxygen back into the air for us to breathe.

    Trees absorb pollution by physically trapping dust and pollutants. They absorb all types of pollutants, including nitrogen oxides, ozone, ammonia, and sulphur dioxide.

    Trees are scientifically proven to boost health and well-being. They are pleasing to look at and spend time in and support diversity and wildlife.

    Professional tree planting

    Our arborists can provide a free consultation to check the condition of your site, such as the type of soil and the amount of sunlight, so we can recommend the best tree and shrub species.

    We can ensure that trees are planted in spaces of the correct size and that the roots are adequately watered and fertilised to support strong growth. We can also add tree guards or grates that are aesthetically appealing and practical to support the growth of your trees.

    Our comprehensive service also means that we can provide tree maintenance, tree pruning, or hedge trimming, so you can get the best out of your shrubs and plants.

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    Are you searching for professional tree planting services? Please call us now on 0800 0075 276 or 07965 863 070.

    Our happy customers

    Excellent service. Turned up on time. Did a fantastic job. Left site clean and tidy, I would recommend them as a first class company.

    Natasha, TN13

    Country Tree Care did a brilliant job for me – cutting down several trees, pruning a huge magnolia tree and dealing with an overgrown hedge and border. Their price was very fair, they worked non-stop and they left everything clean and tidy. Thanks guys. Jo

    Jo, TN21