Professional tree surgery solutions in Eltham – qualified tree surgeon near you

Are you looking for a professional tree surgeon operating in your local area? Welcome to Country Tree Care. We’re experienced arborists near Eltham, Hither Green and Mottingham. With over 25 years of experience, we cover everything from pruning and emergency tree solutions to stump removal services.

As domestic and commercial tree surgeons, we come out to all types of sites, from private gardens to hotel grounds. We operate our tree care services Greenwich 7 days a week, so whether you need an urgent tree removal or storm-damaged trees assessed by an expert, we’re here for your needs.

Eltham is part of South East London, packed with gardens and parks. As a thriving community, we want to help Eltham stay beautiful, so if you have trees that require some care and attention, please let us know.

To find out more about our services or to request a free quote, call now on 0800 0075 276 or 07965 863 070.

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    Tree felling Eltham

    Eltham arborist services – tree removal solutions and more

    Tree removals are highly dangerous if you’re not experienced in the proper techniques, so it’s vital you ask a professional to take on the job. Our arborist team in Eltham are knowledgeable about different tree felling methods suitable for each task.

    Our arborist services include straight tree felling, in which a single movement is applied to remove the tree, and sectional felling, where trees are removed in parts. The latter involves advanced rigging and lowering methods, cutting away each section of the tree in a controlled manner.

    When you choose us as your tree surgeon, we’ll assess the site and recommend the best course of action.

    Tree pruning Eltham

    Tree trimming and pruning near Eltham

    As tree pruning experts near Eltham, we can ensure your trees remain healthy, well-balanced and safe throughout the year.

    Our tree thinning and pruning services include:

    • Tree reduction solutions – We can control the height and spread of the crown with expert techniques.
    • Crown thinning – By reducing the tree’s density, more natural light and air can flow through.
    • Formative pruning – Ensure younger trees maintain healthy growth.
    • Crown lifting – We can remove lower branches to raise the height of the tree’s crown.
    • Removing deadwood – We’ll take away broken, dying and diseased branches to improve the health and safety of the tree.
    Tree stump grinding Eltham

    Eltham tree stump removals

    After an Eltham tree stump removal, the base of the tree is often left in the ground. However, this can prove unsightly, taking up extra garden space while creating a hazard. Professional stump removals ensure the main structure is removed to ground level.

    At Country Tree Care, we apply the best stump grinding methods to efficiently and safely remove tree stumps from your land. Our high-quality machinery keeps disturbances to a minimum, removing the stump in no time. Woodchip is then used to refill the hole.

    Emergency tree surgeons near Eltham

    Emergency tree surgeon near Eltham – 24/7 help

    Our tree surgeons offer 24-hour emergency tree care solutions in Eltham. If you need urgent assistance, just let us know.

    Found storm-damaged trees? We can secure any dangerous trees and remove those that have fallen. Never attempt to work on an unstable tree yourself, or it could have disastrous consequences.

    Take a look at our gallery to see tree care photos of our work.

    Hedge trimming and tree cutting services in Eltham

    Do you need hedge trimming assistance in Eltham? We offer hedge cutting services across the area, helping them to stay healthy and under control.

    We produce beautiful neat lines to keep gardens and grounds looking well-maintained. So, whether you need one-off assistance or regular hedge trimming services, get in touch.

    All hedge cuttings will be removed by our team and recycled.

    Tree planting services Eltham

    Whatever tree species or shrubs you’d like to grow in your garden, they must be planted corrected to ensure their long-term health.

    Providing expert services, our qualified team can advise you about all your Eltham tree planting needs.

    As highly qualified tree surgeons with years of expertise, we’re the go-to arborist in your area for all tree planting solutions.

    Eltham commercial tree services and tree maintenance

    Do you require the services of a commercial tree surgeon in Eltham? If your organisation needs emergency tree solutions, a site clearance or ongoing tree maintenance at your grounds, call our team.

    We’re just a phone call away for any advice you need.

    Need an Eltham tree pruning quote? Call now for tree stump removal and trimming services

    To request a quote for a tree reduction, tree removal or hedge trimming services near Eltham, contact us now on 0800 0075 276 or 07965 863 070, or email

    Trees we fell / prune / remove / care for

    • Beech
    • Apple
    • Elm
    • Walnut
    • Oak
    • Lime
    • Cherry
    • Willow
    • Pear

    Other tree care services include:-

    • Tree maintenance Eltham
    • Fruit tree pruning Hither Green
    • Tree surveys and inspection Eltham
    • Hedge trimming
    • Arboricultural work
    • Tree stump grinding
    • Crown reduction

    Our happy customers in Eltham

    We had a problem with a neighbouring tree that was a potential danger that needed urgent attention. Country Tree Care came and sorted the problem straight away
    Mr Mann, Belvedere

    We needed to get rid of an old diseased tree as part of major house renovation works.  So impressed with the service from Joe and his team

    H Denby, Bromley