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Trees are fundamental to our environments and well-being. Whether you live in an urban or rural area, it is essential that all the trees on your property are well-managed and cared for, so they remain healthy and in a good condition. With a wealth of knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment, our tree surgeons provide our customers with the highest levels of care.

Our tree surgeons plan each project carefully and ensure the highest levels of health and safety in all of our work.

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    Tree Felling

    In some cases, trees will need to be removed entirely if they are dead, diseased, or dangerous, for example. We are very experienced at tree felling and use a range of sectional and straight felling techniques.

    Tree Pruning

    Our arborists offer a complete range of tree pruning to help retain the aesthetics and health of trees, according to British Standard recommendations BS3998.

    Tree Pollarding

    This tree surgery technique drastically reduces the size of trees that have overgrown their setting by cutting them right back. It is also sometimes completed to improve the health of the tree.

    Hedge Trimming

    We can prune and perfect hedges of all sizes and species, so they remain in a smart and healthy condition. We can provide one-off and regular hedge trimming and hedge cutting for all customers.

    Emergency Tree Care

    Emergency tree surgeon in Kent - Country Tree Care

    We offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week tree care for storm-damaged trees or tree emergencies. Our responsive arborists are always on hand to deal with dangerous trees and offer fast solutions.

    Tree Stump Grinding

    Tree stump grinding services in Kent

    Once a tree has been removed the stump will be left and can become an eyesore. We can remove stumps of all sizes, using the latest machinery to leave your site clear. We can also use herbicide treatments.

    Tree Planting

    Tree planting in Kent from Country Tree Care

    We can source and plant trees of all species and sizes to replace trees or hedges that we have removed or to improve your landscape. We can advise on which species will thrive in certain locations.

    Crown Reduction

    Crown reduction tree surgeon in Kent

    We can reduce the size of a tree’s crown in line with the size of the original crown and the tree’s species. We will ensure that the tree keeps as much of its natural form as possible.

    Crown Thinning

    Crown thinning tree surgeon in Kent

    If a crown is very dense and needs more light to penetrate the garden space, it will need to be thinned. Our arborists will remove specific branches to achieve this.

    Crown Lifting

    Crown lifting tree surgery care in Kent

    If trees are hanging low and blocking access, this tree surgery technique removes branches from the lower part of the crown to raise it. We use techniques including rigging equipment, so this is always completed safely.


    Our arborists can complete tree surveys and if your tree is subject to a TPO or Tree Preservation Order, we can contact your local authority on your behalf.

    Deadwood Removal

    We can remove all dead and diseased parts of your trees to protect them against issues such as insect infestation. This service can also help your trees maintain their health and balance.

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