Tree stump grinding & stump removals

Are you looking to reclaim your garden space? Once a tree has been felled, the stump will be left behind and this can often cause issues. As well as becoming an eyesore and taking up space, the stump can attract pests and diseases such as honey fungus and tree roots can remain active and continue to grow.

If we have felled one of your trees or you have a stump that needs to be removed, our experienced arborists can complete the job quickly and efficiently using a range of state-of-the-art stump grinding machines. Our stump grinders will remove your tree stumps entirely and the woodchip can be used to refill the hole. We can also use herbicide treatments to remove stumps.

Our stump grinding and stump removal treatments are ideal for both domestic and commercial environments and will cause minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. As experienced and dedicated tree care specialists, our services are always professional and cost-effective.

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    Tree stump grinding: The benefits

    Our professional arborists can grind down and remove stumps of all descriptions.

    • Equipped with a range of grinders and other treatments, our arborists can remove any tree stump, no matter the size or location.
    • We use the latest and most specialist stump grinding tools and machinery to excavate the stump and reuse the chips for an eco-friendly solution.
    • Tree stump removal is completed efficiently and will stop tree stumps sprouting and re-growing and leave the area hazard-free and clear.

    Professional tree stump removals

    While you may be tempted to try to remove a stump yourself or use a herbicide treatment, it can be a very hard job. Whilst stump grinders can be hired, it is important to hire tree care professionals when using heavy-duty and specialist tools. We use industrial-grade equipment and always wear suitable protective clothing and will work hard to prevent damage to the surrounding landscape.

    Our stump grinding equipment is powerful and effective and will grind down the stump below the ground to get rid of the roots to prevent any future growth. Some roots may be left in the ground but they will eventually rot down.

    Whether you need a small or large stump to be removed, our stump grinding service is fast and effective and can transform your landscape in no time. The waste can be used to fill the hole or be recycled.

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    Excellent job by Joe and Bill. Safely and efficiently removed. All cleared up. No hesitation in recommending this company and would use them again. Thanks guys

    Martin, DA8

    Great service, really pleased and fair prices. Really nice and pleasant guys, nothing a problem.

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